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Infidel, Inc.

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Books by Ms. Bace

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Intrusion Detection
by Rebecca Gurley Bace

A comprehensive guide to the history, concepts and technologies that contribute to computer and network security as well as a detailed description of the current state-of-the-art and research frontiers in the field of intrusion detection.

Published by Addison Wesley

A Guide to Forensic Testimony
by Rebecca Gurley Bace and Fred Chris Smith

This seminal book on the confluence of cyberspace and the law examines the questions that arise out of our rapidly growing expansion into cyberspace. How is the law to handle the new challenges of crime without location or beyond borders? What constitutes loss? Who is an expert?

Whether you are a technologist who may be called to testify or lawyer interested in a strategic and insightful look into preparing for trial, this book has much of value for you.

p.s. It's fun to read, too.
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