An Inspiration

(Peter G. Neumann – Moderator of the ACM Risks Forum and Senior Principal Scientist in the SRI International Computer Science Lab)

Becky was an inspirational person in my life, going way back to her early commitment to anomaly and misuse detection. Her cheerful nature and wisdom will be sorely missed, including some more or less monthly one-on-one banter that we had recently on a government advisory board.

Her passing is a huge loss for the wider community of friends and colleagues that she had established.

I Will Always Remember

(Caroline Wong)

Becky has left a lasting impression on me and I will always remember her.

I am 33 years old and and live in San Francisco. I have worked in Information Security for the last decade or so. I met Becky when I was just getting started through the Executive Women’s Forum. I was very junior at the time and Becky was so kind to me. I remember meeting her for lunch at a Thai restaurant in San Jose, CA and thinking, Becky is such a badass. Why is she even giving me the time of day?

I remember her warm and friendly demeanor, her charming voice, how I had a little bit of trouble hearing everything she had to say when we were in a busy conference environment and would need to lean in to catch all of her words.

I can’t stop thinking about a meeting I had with her in New York last year. A couple of years ago, my daughter was born and my father passed away a week later. It was an incredibly transformative time for me, and Becky listened and gave me beautiful space to share my story, my joy, and my grief. That’s when I learned about the various medical issues that she had been battling over the past few years. She also shared with me the story of her son’s life and his death. I was so struck by Becky’s most recent success against cancer. I told her that for all she had been through, it was clear that she still had work left to do on this earth.

The last time I saw Becky was at the RSA conference, for lunch on Valentine’s Day. I was the event organizer and Becky was one of my favorites, so I arranged for her to sit next to me. There were about 30 women in attendance and many that I had not seen in over a year, so I did not make a special effort to spend time with Becky 1:1. I wish that I had.

Becky told me that she loved seeing pictures of my daughter, Sue, on Facebook. Now whenever I post photos it makes me sad that she will not see them. However, it brings me joy to know that she is with her little boy.

She Will Always be “Mama Bear”

(Anita D’Amico)

Originally posted on the CodeDX website

It is with great sorrow that we note the passing of Becky Bace, a member of our Advisory Board. Becky was a pioneer of cyber security technology, working on early intrusion detection systems at NSA. She later helped fund other security innovators through her work at In-Q-Tel and Trident Capital, where she oversaw one of the largest cyber security investment portfolios in Silicon Valley. In her last few years she has been helping build the University of South Alabama Center for Forensics, Information Technology and Security. She innovated relentlessly, and helped shape the future of cyber security. Her Influence will be felt for decades to come.

Becky has always been a mentor. She generously gave her time to young people and young companies like us, sharing wisdom and helping us positively affect the security and economy of our country. She actively encouraged others to use their talents and influence for positive change, and Becky herself walked that walk. As an Advisor to Code Dx she was available when we needed guidance, calling in from wherever she was—a highway rest stop, an airport— to answer questions, make introductions, and help shape our vision.

Becky has been named one of the “Five Most Influential Women in Security” by SC Magazine. But to many of us that she mentored, she was and always will be “Mama Bear.” We will miss her.

Im My Prayers

(Brendan Reidy)

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about Becky. I missed seeing her at the most recent Trident function at the RSA. I so appreciated not only her keen technical insight but loved the joy she brought to any discussion. The world is truly a lesser place without Becky. Please know that I keep Becky in my prayers.

A Unique and Caring Person

(Holly Allen)

She always had the ability to connect with people and she was brilliant, but when I think of the Becky I have known all of my life, I think of her ability to meet people and develop a friendship with them that she always nourished. So many of us have friends but we don’t nourish them like Becky did.  She was  such a unique and caring person

Memorial Services

Rebecca Gurley Bace

8/7/1955 to 3/14/2017

On Tuesday, March 21 a funeral service will be held for friends and family of Becky Bace at 11am at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 1338 Montevallo Road, Leeds, AL 35094 (205-352-5098). Any who feel moved to are welcome to attend this service.

In addition, a memorial service will be held in Shelby Hall at the University of South Alabama on Saturday, March 25th at 1PM. Information on attending and travel will be posted at the University website at (not up as of the time but should be soon).

Any who wishes, may send their photos or comments to Terri Gilbert at These comments/ recollections/ memories etc, will be included in the memorial and later will be posted here at, Becky’s website.

A reception with light refreshments will follow the service in Leeds. Please indicate if you plan to attend so we can prepare adequately.

Additional Events Planned (updated 4/4/17)

Here’s what I have at the moment on the two additional memorials that have been planned.

West Coast (San Jose, CA) 21 April 2017

An event has been planned for April 21st from 4pm to 7:30pm at 2055 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110. An evite has been set up at

East Coast (Laurel, MD) 7 May 2017

The event has been planned to take place at the JailBreak Brewery in Laurel, MD for the 7th of May. I don’t have times at this moment but it is being wrangled by Ron Gula (Twitter)