(From Simone Seth)

Those words in Hindi mean “silent giving”. Those are the words that come to my mind when I think of Becky Bace. Over the decades as I have met people during the course of my career, every single person talked about the influence that Becky had in their lives. Every single person talked about her generosity in helping them to flourish. And for all of her service and for all of her contributions, she asked for nothing in return.

Becky’s selfless nature is something we can all only aspire to. It takes a very rare and special person to relinquish the pursuit of wealth or fame or approbation of others and simply relentlessly pursue excellence and service. This selflessness is what personifies Becky to me.

When I first met Becky, I thought she would be a wonderful person to know who would be able to help me in my career. But within minutes of meeting her, our discussion focused on the necklace she was wearing and that meandered into a discussion about jewelry and fabric and fashion and all the girly things that make my heart happy. Before you knew it, all professional considerations fell away. And the only thing that was left were two women who had an remarkable connection.

I made a decision at that instant to never talk to Becky about work. I decided instead to cherish her as a friend. And I kept my promise. I did not ask her for anything and I did not leverage her network or her experience to grow my own career…… despite her many offers to help me. Instead I devoted my time to cultivating our friendship.

I was one of the lucky people who was privileged to enjoy (dare I say it) her somewhat dirty sense of humor, her love of fabric and color and food and gardening. We shared stories about our fears and our hopes and our loves and our disappointments. We shared our fears about the future of the world. We shared our hope for humanity. We shared so very much. My life was enriched by her. Whenever I was despondent or cynical, she would lift me up. She was unrelenting in her generosity.

Naturally the world has lost an intellect unlike any other. We have lost a pioneer in the world of cyber security and technology. Her contributions are manifold and well documented. I won’t belabor them here. All I want to talk about is the magnificent human being she was and how much I will feel the loss of her advice and her counsel and her humor as I go through my days. I hope that as I confront each new situation, I will ask myself what Becky would say and do precisely that. I hope to honor her legacy by being as generous and as decent as she was to everyone. I hope to be worthy of her belief in me.

I hope that Becky is beyond all the pain and suffering. I hope that she is resting in peace. But somehow I suspect that in heaven, she is orchestrating things so that the world will continue to evolve and achieve the peace and harmony that she strove for at all times.

Lots of love my dear friend until I see you again