(Mike Gerdes)

Becky Bace was indeed a pioneer in the field of information security. and the security community collectively mourns her passing.  Her contributions to the general public, industry clients, and student of all sorts changed the way many people now view and deal with the challenges that computers and the Internet pose to government, business and society.

But, in addition to her many publicized contributions to information and cyber security was something that I believe set her aside from a lot of other recognized experts – her humanity.  Those who had the privilege to meet and interact with Becky had the opportunity to experience first hand her passion for helping others.  Whether it was taking the time to explain a complex security concept to an executive or novice after a conference briefing, or offering to be a mentor to a nascent security practitioner wondering if they had what it took to succeed in this field, her greatest contribution was her willingness to freely share her knowledge with others, and always without any expectation of personal recognition.

The information security community has lost a great mind, a thoughtful practitioner and an innovator that helped make the industry what it is today.  But more than that, the world has lost a kind, loving and passionate person who so often shared her passion for learning and gave of herself to help others.  I am confident many of those touched by Becky over the years will  honor her life by sharing the passion she lit within them with others, developing greater understanding of digital risks and perhaps creating the next generation of experts that will, in turn, help others, which I believe is a fitting legacy.

Rest in peace Becky.